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Related article: Date : Wed, November 24, 2010 August 40th 0000 05 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject: brief encounters cap 63 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imagexamination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the FORMATTEDING or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** ******************************** ****** ************ ******************************** ************ ****** Chapter 63 - Pandora's Box After Tom retired to his room had little to begin slowly makes to change their clothes away with Alex shorts, stopped and even Panties Use Brian had been carefully checked and sniffed the shorts. After folding neatly prepared for the morning put on his pants lay on the bed and thought Lolita Videos about the events ofDay, especially by his feelings Alex strong. To reach a conclusion would be difficult other than knowing that they were soul mates and definitely wanted another physically. Whether to treat others as brothers so they could be together without feeling guilty, or simply to be honest about the the intensity of their friendship? It was too difficult to think too n to it. However, there was one thing he had thought, and came to a conclusion. That, homework help Archimedes' the event that a clear mind and hope you forget the shame let of wetting in the class for the rest of the night. Time passed, and about ten minutes before the tea is usually prepared for approximately six thirty years, had almost finished the job when he was worried about a coup in the door the room. It was his father, Alan, who often appeared in him at this time, after returning from work. Usually had a good relationship enough humor and aided by his nowhere as sophisticated and his wife, in fact, had occasionally something that both could joke more. "Having a good day? No complications or something? " " No, father, fine. " Tom smiled then saw his train began violin Fountain cap. " Well, well.. no scandal, nothing to say or something? " Was Alan the bed and sat on the edge. "No... no, why d' you ask? " " Nothing, just wondering. " He smiled. "Oh, yes. " ' Said the mother has something to their eyes? " eye contact Tom intentionally brief, the story seemed to more credible. " He got off the bus with Alex and builders of some truck exploded and everything was on the dust in the eyes.. made us blink and dass. Cement dust we expect. " ", the sound is very dangerous, especially if he had been on a bike. " " Yer, that mothers of WOT too. "Said Alan leaned over to see what Tom was doing. " What is that? " " Task. " " Unusual You, now that you normallyafter tea? " ", I thought it was out of the way. "Tom came to see the source pin. " Right, oh well. Is there anything interesting? What is the problem? " " Physics and other things.. " " What things? " Asked Alan. " I liked physics. " " Uumm.. Archimedes and all that. "Said Tom kept looking blue fountain pen. began a question that does not have a other things, to the conversation. Where could she be, what? " Archimedes, including name brings everything back. "Alan smiled. " Oh, is not it? "Asked Tom studied resonance n really surprised. " Oh, yes, "said Alan caught his eye," when I was in school, we all used to joke, on what he did in the tub! " With that Tom is a delicious shade of puce cover pin was left on the floor in shock. Masturbation is a taboo subject for parents to not able to say, or never speaks. " seems to be likely to know exactly what I mean! " Alan smiled reassuring. Wiª a permanent snarl Tom leaned to interrupt his father look to pick up the pen tip. Slow onset and course shame that there was a good student cardinal sin as the required approval masturbate. " Tom," he smiled again. "It seemed like feel to bring up the topic like that, but is a good opportunity to address the issue. " ".. well.. Mmhh " Tom thought thematize the question? What ? " Brooch wot? " " Look, I know it's uncomfortable for you, but... " Alan patted the bed beside him, " I think we should talk a little, we, Act to have you here. "swallowed Tom tried to compose as he moves. This was really her father to talk to him? He had never remotely mentioned sex whenever something must have put into this situation. What " The first thing is that I think we will find both the embarrassing well," said Alan deliberately turned back with eyes: "I mean, there were no such things before to speak, either ! Therefore, we will be open to perfect n y° apart. Yes? " " Why.. but.. So do this Dad? " Tom 's voice was very hoarse. " Have.. You have heard something... WOT I done? " " What should I include? He "Alan was fascinated. " I heard did something ? " " No, I think. "Tom said slowly. Once it was clear nothing had happened was heard then something else has promoted the conversation, and was not connected to absolutely disastrous time in school. "Law and. "Alan said that, although still higher than the response Toms if he had heard something! " So WOT is Dad? "It was obvious from the tone of his voice, Tom anxious. " Well, "Alan was trying to put his arm around Tom 's shoulder, he resisted n think that might be needed more on. " You see, Tom, this is a bit difficult... belongs to y... The masturbation. " Tom shuddered at the mere mention of the word. The color of his face, said it. " What I can say this, HHMM.. well, we both know, the mother may be a little orthe top when it comes to school clean and care for all can not come ? " " YER.. all the time. " Muttered Tom, my throat was dry. I had o idea where all the conversation was, but fell into the is a trap for large adults. " And she afraid, dass. " " Have you looked at my stuff.. is " worried look was interrupted n As the laundry and linen. " I do not think so, why ? "Alan smiled. " No, not that.. HHMM.. vacuuming was only room the other day and HHMM... found.. " " WOT is ? " As soon as he said he knew the answer. Hoover was the key. ' S heart sank, was practically standing! Their worst nightmare was about to enter he knew it. n "I think you do not know, right? " Tom swallowed. Alan reached into his pocket and pulled out slowly tainted milk panties that Martin had taken on Sunday. " Look, Tom, which is below the bed. " " Oh, no... Oh FFF... "He closed his eyes. "The finding was that my mother was very worried about you, well, let's be honest," He paused, "and what was in it,... are highly colored. " " Ah, but not mine. "said Tom was thinking fast, you could use Alex 'n trick, although I hated lying to his father. "Things have been confused in the locker room last week and was the only thing left is terrible. I know I them, but I had to put 'em say no ? No idea who they are. " n " Oh, I see what you're saying. " " Yes, it is my father. " Tom glanced at the stained cum cotton, yellow begins now. It was Martin 's sperm, and now could not believe there was a lot of it. " Now you know what mom is not. " Alan took a break and let the underwear on the bed. Tom looked very relieved. " And yet the label all the clothes she has in elementary school from school. " " Oh.. I.. " Dropped his face. N "Dad.. " "See ? " Alan became underwear inside out to display next to Lyle and label Scott was a little name tag with the edge of 'T Johnson " clearly written on waterproof ink. " And then there's the hole in the back. Now, it is not yet worried.. since it involves HHMM.. So what I mean? " Use had no reason to lie. Visibly shaken Tom turned around, and looked at his father, had tears in the corners. I did not want do not need it from now on every day. " Tom, I'm not crazy, I just want to know.. what it is, you know? general, I think I do not want to know the details. Each child masturbating. " Now was the time to respond to an arm around him, Tom, approaching. " Does it help if you think I once as a child ? " Alan said. No conveniently admission to their own childhood sexual escapades that s had to do it, so it seemed right, and Tom was able to establish as simple a little. " and probably do something like it does now. So really really understand and feel how terrible it must be embarrassing. " " I ' spose. "Tom replied, deep in thought, wondering ifAlan had trapped It has been suggested that puberty have masturbated in his father, Tom One could understand how you felt and the shame that went with it. But what Tom does not really look at the idea of ​​the father figure involved any sexual connotation as a child. It has not stopped seems right, was his father, not a sex object and that is what I think about it. " You say, Mom?" He looked up, big brown eyes. " Tell you what ? You have not said anything! You want is a statement of some s that seems fair, right?" Alan. smiled, " Look, she does not have no brothers or something like that I guess I never will understand how is the Lolita Videos strong desire to masturbate for boys his age. The fact is that now You has discovered, can be probably not. " " on Sunday.... you have known for how long? "n " I was thinking. Your age and the fact that lately has always the hand of a s in your pocket, it had to happen sometime soon ! " " Oh. "Tomblushed a deep shade of red. " not be ashamed, you're grown. " He said he pressed the shoulders. Tom was, despite his earlier ideas about his father and his family still could not resist the temptation yet. "Dad.. Dad.. so you have.. well.. you know.. " " Oh, do so. All children, right? " Alan blushed and then Tom stepped closer. " No. As I said, there is nothing to be ashamed, that is part of growth. " " WOT going to tell..... mother," she said shyly panties. " Yes, they are the problem, right? Without them we could not use this talk we want? But," hesitated "but HHMM.... seems to be a heap.... HHMM color, because of their age ? And the hole in the back ? "looked Tom on the floor. It would be a very sanitized version of the truth so the past. His father seemed very relaxed about everything, in any case that seemed more interested in appeasing the lady of the house and all content that he knew nothing unusual happensd one. " Well, what do you say?" N It seemed as if the alarm clock for hours before rung of Art raised his head from the pillow and shut it off , pulled the blanket and stretched his arm, felt for his watch and then promptly hit a the ground. " Fuckin ' hell WOT a scandal !" He whispered, fighting grimly to himself, which was included escape the tangle of leaves, which he did until now, the pungent odor as a disgusting monster trapped ions, the depth of the bed n. In the early morning were not his strength, but was forced to, bed n to find and silence the offending watch n feel more or less awake. He continues to flash sat on the edge of the tip and keep the watch appeared, pajamas yellow cord. Smiling, he saw a fly was the exhibition open attractive black underwear itself, which for the first time are based on the previous morning, usually wear nothing under their pajamas s, you just did not want to download them ! Instinctively down a feel his hard cock through the wet underwear pajamas cocoon began to to think, maybe it's worth getting up for, after all was The smell was captured on the receipt of all distinctive, almost a version aromatic Pandora 's box ! He wrinkled his nose, put his hand under the only unintended results deal more before the horrible smell n finally understand the basis of its erection hot and sticky. Matted for a minute, when he played with pubic hair out last night, rubbing Lolita Videos the solidification sperm from her fingers, and finally remove your pajamas. Forty-seven the clock said the bus left with eight 25 time for a quick straw and perhaps even change his underwear to school. So maybe not! Whatever it was, that in him, using dirty underwear, or that someone else had spent cum, urinated in it, did not know. something no doubt had been, for sure. The most provocative underwear n more to eXcite it so after about 24 hours of continuous use of management numerous body functions, fluids and ejaculations of several of the writings now positively repulsive. Although the art in the eyes that were not only outrageous, but wonderfully nasty! The striped pajama pants now down to the ankles, leaned in wrinkled leaves with bent knees and pushed her past the left elastic legs and dark unknown her panties sticky n. It felt wonderfully warm inside and viscous, a combination of sweat n and self-seeding with temperature seemed to rise close he came to fingering his uncles. With an experienced some resistance, but very dirty fingers soon reached him beyond the rather smelly entry the promotion of prostate another load of hot cum in a frenzy of shopping n the dark. Classy enjoyed the last throes of Lolita Videos the penis and run the hot juice in the stomach and balls across the four inches masonry SimonHe was also awakening. Half asleep, he turned on his pillow looks at his watch, to see the long, long time ! The feeling that your signature erection through his blue-striped pajamas, closed his eyes and began to masturbate slowly and wondered if I could Lolita Videos take the twelve of minutes before the alarm and up. penis rubbed contractions to save cleaning the semen, have to order his feet and began to pick up their school clothes for different groups of the ground. He had to admit that lately was bit concerned about his appearance when his mother began to fall back advice and show their discontent about returning to school n find a ruin. Without trying to Providence and cause a repeat of the before the outbreak and the subsequent destruction after similar warnings the subject had to improve. Unfortunately, the truth of his good intentions all but evaporated with their appearance very quickly return to sloppy least. Surprisingly, that message was slowly with him and the record is clear that n is now not going to school smelling or seeing how bad done. The conclusion that some form of washing is perhaps a good idea, which won is a worn piece outfit and went to the bathroom to stop and Listen to the door of Simon, as you do new arrangements to cover his hand erection. As much as I would like to have Lolita Videos exploded and probably Simon caught in the act, once the transition to the bathroom seemed more important. The door behind him and throw clothes on the floor, that took off his pajamas, standing alone in black underwear, now was a very sad spectacle. Tired and smelling good semen in varying degrees of paralysis, he discovered that he had stuck, and they must be removed carefully to avoid removing any pubic hair. Half of Fill the container balanced on the edge and the water poured in line balls and a mess on the floor, as hs do. A clean, soft pinks towel n is used to remove most of the deposits when supported by a par dirty fingernails to pick stubborn pieces of your pubic bone hairs on the towel and clean. However, the addition of fresh water to the layer seed, who had rubbed her belly just made ​​things worse as it seemed to make it a diluted form of pasta. Also the n was finally removed by rubbing with the pink towel, not so clean. He always maintained his erect cock as a form of the quilt, looked down and sighed and thought he had done a pretty good job, but had covered the n in the equivalent of a water bathroom floor in the process. All that was left was to get dressed and go down to breakfast. The shirt was only for a day, so that was different than the dirty, worn cuffs collar that I thought was very smart. The tie had not been requested retied days when you just loose and Lolita Videos fell on his head more and more day as the hangman's noose. the odd gray socks had been worn for one day, , while the white glaze that you selected in the stack was only two days n value of heavy cum urine stains, although straw after a particularly exciting the afternoon, the elastic is stretched far enough and bad setting. Inexplicably, the water was spilled on the floor definitely n wet socks and underwear, but as a bonus, which began the process of weakening the areas where the mysterious stained white cotton left rigid "Shit,shit! " After removing his pants and began to pull them, he had forgotten, the zipper that Simon had been during their adventures on the bus by the later broken. wrap the towel around his waist and grabbed his pants, was return quickly to his room to find the spare pair. They were nowhere to be found contained and not even look under the bed ! Time was ticking by n 00 08th clock was now gone. Useful, as if he needed Linda shouted problems ladder maensure that s and over ke. There was nothing to her and lifted his pants, which made for n door and walked reluctantly to ask if he knew where the spare tire were par. " Oh.. my father had not been waiting for. " Exit Art to see his father sitting in the wit Linda kitchen table. " Come, I Lolita Videos will not bite! " Ted smiled, it seemed that nothing Phase n in these days when art is concerned, even his appearance. Linda, however, kind looked pink towel dress with amazement. He crawled to the kitchen for clearly embarrassed. "You have n left yet? " " Of course not, I'm still here, I see in his first office. " was hard not to laugh, especially the fluffy pink towel did little to hide the bulge inevitable. Linda saw Ted n , once he was speechless. "Mama.. me.. is the bust pants zippers. I can not find another partner. " said, kind most pitiful offered across the table at arms length. "Is this my favorite pink towel? "She asked me with an accusing look in the n see them up close. " Everything is about something. So what did you do yesterday was that clean! " " Uumm.. Right? That.. HHMM... oh... It must have fell on the wet floor.. " " Well, what was on the floor, looking around is covered with something now ! How do you do ? Thankfully, Simon is a bit more organized ! " " water. " " Water? " " What water? " " on the ground! " shaking his head in disbelief, she looked up and down, taking into account the odd socks. Despite his irritation evident to the humor of the situation lost on them. Ted pushed under the table. " Well, what else is still up? The shirt is clean? "She asked, under the sign his best to laugh. " It looks very clean ! " " Fast! " " I hope you have some clean pants in which, under " " Yer. Type " and then shrugged, as expected, with the mention of the red word n. Trousers. Ted put his head in his hands he could not see. " So what happened to the post of art, then" she asked. "I do not knownw, s what to zipper. " " I do not know do not work. Paste innit ? "The art seemed to expect Ted to some moral support. " You may have to try to throw down too far, too fast "was Ted to make the contribution. " Uumm.. " Keep a distance pants stained material examined Linda around the zipper, luckily did not realize how many babies latent could keep n. " sort of kindness which have been divided into these pants, which are a terrible mess , who need a good washing damn it! I mean, look at them. and smell! " No need to look at them, I knew exactly why the zipper does not s and what were the points, but was a bit surprised to see the amount of color was it? Get over the second nervous type mixed obediently to do more to see for himself how bad he looked like a and pushed the towel bulge in the back of a chair, leaning to eye n. Ted \\ \\ n, the worst fears looked at the pants. For a man or a boy n d no doubtRied seed search and eye catching so that raised his eyebrows. Write clearly why and he blushed heavily n is moved back, Ted shook his head. "You really need more care of your clothes. " Linda said firmly, good luck with the vision of hot pink towel is pressed to lose the chair. "Look, if your room does not improve by the weekend and Get the mountains of clothes, I have arranged, neat, as I am the last time. Do you really think that I ? Do " n "no.. no..... Mama is not what I do... " Art is now in panic mode. " Do you know where your pants, love? " Ted said. A proactive n it could Lolita Videos only help calm the situation before the Linda began in earnest in another train heading to the locker room in the kind of orbit. ". Yes, they are in my sewing box. " I really should ready for school "s it looked like: " But if you remember the zipper had on has been considered well. I have not had time to put in the new yet. it is a law fiDDLE to do so. 'Versus N Art fell. "So. WOT.. WOT.. " " Well, I'll do this evening to you, then I can not look for you worse. I mean.. Look at yourself ! You only need this with a pin -wearing up today! " " morning mom. "Said Simon came through the door sounded very happy, infused with his pajama bottoms and every 10 minutes it took to do it, is a record for its longest straw ever. He stopped suddenly in the \\ \\ n Art door behind out the pink towel with amazement. " Hello, love. " " A security WOT ? "Art asked cautiously. The situation was even worse, , he knew now, he has appeared to Simon. " Yer, that's why she's wearing a pink dress ? " Asked Simon and begin to show laugh: " It seems silly to them odd socks and ties ! If school like this ? " " Their broken zippers. "Ted said, on the verge of laughing. Art was, in fact, , a law unto himself. " Again ! " " A must. You know, like.. well.. only a safety pin "in the Linda. " ButYou will take, if you want some ! " " A high! "Ted looked around the whole thing was turning into a Mad Hatter tea party. " WOT? Take WOT, if.. when I a.. Wee have? " The art is lost. The time was scarce, and even threatened to school without pants art was upset forever. Simon and joined two conversations do not help at once. " mom does, we'll take the bow tie closed with a safety pin, but a to carry it out if you need a little. "It was, Ted said, slowly, to see art is always confused. " How big is it? "Said Art " not too giggle "interrupted Simon, before falling in a fit of. ' Simon. Enough! " " Hey, not a pink towel from the mother? " Too late. Simon was not going to stop here always fun to be true. "Want FFF..... I mean shut up " quickly grabbed three of the dark Simon. ".. art now. " Ted said in the tone stabilizes. it was too late. The art was done, the towel was caught in the back of the chair s that he had been obeying the lawsFocus chopped on the floor. It took a few moments for the art of understanding what had happened. no , but Simon, who was leaning against the door frame immediately howl of laughter and pointing to the large wet stain transparent white lingerie. Art is throbbing little erection left to the imagination. Not sure what to restore others to do the kind of towel immediately turned back to pick up inadvertently increases the severity of his humiliation multiples. A significant turn extreme rush all over again centrifugal forces came into play, so that the weight five inches congested organs overstretched rubber band on the exhaust side panties. Linda was in a dilemma. Not only that, she had to face, literally, with drop of semen out of the slot piss on his eldest son erection! She winked at his side in front of the heavily contaminated white briefs. Linda was something I had never expected to still wantsed to see. Fine Arts, was back at the door of Simon obscured the view of the n is leaning against the door frame was laughing at the sight of the back of the dirty, hung white panties. Looking surprised, Ted and Linda was silent while the type had become a total embarrassment to shock the heart to stop n and looked as white as a sheet. " Oh shut up Simon! Go and get ready for school and the jokes are about. " Said Ted fixed after a few moments. " WOT I? Anyway, I'm ready I want breakfast. " Said Simon does not understand why jovial mood suddenly changed. "Dad.. " " You've done nothing, just... please, just go and be ready for Bus ". Ted thought to himself in the matter of a few seconds, the household was in chaos. ", but I have not had my breakfast! " Down Not sure what was going on and very Simon began to change back into the room. What point is, Linda, who appeared n soon dispelled when they saw the life and SounThe same confused shouted. "Arthur... that's disgusting.. oh God, nasty boy, you're disgusting!.. Go not want to see. Store, go away " art was completely surprised. Nothing could have prepared him experience, took the towel and held it before him, turned, Simon pushed off the road and ran down the stairs in tears Welling and eyes. " What's that mom? WOT is it? " Simon said, visibly surprised by his angry reaction of the mothers. "Where the art is gone? WoT him? " " Uumm.. " Ted had already put his arm around Linda 's shoulder, she looked at Simon. "Mom just had a little surprised. " Said Lolita Videos Ted. "Why do not you just get your breakfast and then the bus, we have to solve their uniform. So I'm going to to take art in which I have to go that way. Come and sit with her , I " n " see Art. Simon, does not mean you fear nothing, "he smiled," Sorry love, I.. 'm a little more than a reaction to something that it. " " WOT? "Simon said the change to Linda. " I'll tell you later, nothing really. " Ted replied, " You only need your breakfast. " "Come here. " Linda Simon waved and moved, gave him a hug. "This is n anything, Dad will explain later. Come and get ready for school. I to talk to Dad. " It was Simon still not sure what was going on. Why art was walking with a towel around him? He served in a bowl of cereal, while reflecting n on their parents talking quietly in the hallway. " Is everything okay with love? " Ted said. "sorry.. it just means that not a child now is it? " The voice of Linda broken. "I did not mean it.. it was just, oh my God was so great.. and has done.. oh, no.. I mean.. is.. I never thought my child s is he now? " " No, I do not. is a young man. " embraced Ted, " you may know, , not physical, but he is certainly not there yet is mentally " ", a Lolita Videos long way to go ! "She smiled. "You'll see.. take a school.. Please tell him I did not mean anything. He shock. I am tonight, when we have both of them. " Ted went to the stairs, wiping her eyes, turned to Simon. " Look, I I want you ready to ride the bus this morning. Dad is Return of art. " " WOT is all about Mama? WOT is the problem with art? "Simon knew it must be something to do with sex, has always been " is growing and there is nothing wrong with that, so do not worry. "N , replied in a tone that would be something to say removed. As for Simon, began to leave the table. " Come, let to organize and I have to do the sewing. " ########################################### # # ############################# ##### chapter 64 to follow
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